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Simply having a web site designed is not enough.

The development of your website will be at the center of your business and will be developed to encompass the following:

  • Efficient and search engine friendly website design and architecture to ensure reach and capture a steady traffic of potential customers.
  • Conveying a strong message regarding your brand, your position as a leader in your industry, your track record of reliability and trust, the comprehensive line of products or new services.
  • Improving the user experience with structure, navigation, and content designed with a firm understanding of the profiles of the individuals you want to reach, their buying practices and site experience.

The most crucial role of the website is to communicate what the company is, its values over competition, and the services offered.

Communicating the website’s purpose

  • Show the company’s name, logo and tagline in a reasonable place and size.
  • Emphasize what is valuable from the visitors’ point of view as well as how you differ from competition.
  • Emphasize the highest priority tasks so that visitors have a clear starting point on the homepage.

Communicate information about your brand identity and values

  • Clearly identify and protray your company brand to your target audience.
  • Provide tools to help decision makers assess the value of your products.

Information feeds

  • Allowing users to choose the type of information they need and when they need it based on their decision making stage. Anticipate their needs, questions, problems. The focus here is on conversions.
  • Create paths inside the website and customize navigation to cater to the needs of your target markets and the profiles of the decision drivers.
  • Create interaction and feedback mechanisms - after all the Internet is an interactive medium.